Continuous CPC/CCC

In addition to batch CPC/CCC "SCPC" systems, Armen Instrument proposes a complete range of continuous CPC/CCC "TCPC" systems using True Moving Bed (TMB) concept. These systems could be used for wide range of applications such as continuous separation of impurities, enrichment of crude complex natural extract, or two steps continuous purification of compounds.

Separation in CPC is generally done by injecting a defined volume of sample at one extremity of the column. Armen TMB systems are made of two CPC columns with four pumps. Injection is continuously done between both columns. The process could be easily compared to SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) used in HPLC for continuous injection.

For more details on this technology, click here to download the Armen brochure "Introduction to CPC/CCC"...

Advantages of TMB :
- Continuous injection for high throughput productivity
- Silica-free liquid-liquid chromatography (no solid support, no silica to recycle)
- Low solvent consumption
- High flow rate for low run time
- Various range of application from enrichment to pure compounds production

Application notes :
- Continuous enrichment of Aloe vera extract using "TMB-250" system
- Two steps purifications of natural compound using "TMB-250" system

Armen "TCPC" TMB systems :
Different size of systems are available from bench to industrial scale. A dedicated software allows to control automatically all the process for continuous production.


> Preparative TMB system

> 2 x 125 mL column capacity

> Continuous injection

> Typical Elution Flow rate : Up to 15 mL/min

> Typical Injection Flow rate : Up to 10 mL/min

> Control by "Armen Glider TMB" software for automated and efficient purification

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