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The telecommunication industry is huge in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This industry started in the early 1830s with the invention of the telegraph. The technology of communication evolved quick over the past 19th and 20th centuries. The communication technologies helped people around the globe communicating from days to seconds now. Technologies like the landline phone, radio, television, cell phone, and the computer changed the way people communicated in day-to-day life and business. Companies globally got together to build infrastructure to better the transfer of the data among the people. The telecommunication sector has three parts: the equipment, services, and the wireless communication. The wireless communication is the fastest growing part because of the high demand for personnel and business usage. The wireless communication technology has improved so much over the years, including a big change in mobile gadgets and the increased popularity of the cloud-based devices. When we look at which countries have the largest telecommunication companies and the infrastructure to support their technologies, the United States comes first, then China second, and afterwards, the United Kingdom.


Telecommunication industry in Europe


The telecommunication industry covers over 40 countries in Europe.  The infrastructure for the wireless communication sector has increased to accommodate the people in day-to-day life and business. The largest markets for telecommunication in Europe are the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain. The increased demand for faster internet, availability, better security, and higher quality from the people helped better their technology and lower cost. The cloud-based technology has been in high demand because the people wanting something friendlier to the environment.  The European companies have focused highly on technology innovation to help rise the speed of the process and transmission of data based on the high demands of their customers and shareholders. In addition, the competition has helped better their technology and decrease its cost. Thus, roaming charges in European borders seem to be a big problem, but politicians have been trying to eliminate this issue to protect the consumers interest in lowering cost. The politicians have focused on the solution to lower the roaming charges by seeing the merging of telecommunication companies as beneficial.


Telecommunication industry in Asia


The telecommunication industry in Asia has seen a huge growth in the past decades. For example, in China, the mobile wireless customers have increased to 1.5 billion. The 5G services have recently granted to the Chinese mobile network companies affecting fifty local cities. In the past five years, China has seen a huge improvement in the smartphones and the cost decreasing for the consumers because of implementing intense competition. While China has seen tremendous growth, India’s infrastructure for the telecommunication sector is seeing a slower growth because of the higher influence of the mobile platform. The broadband services companies in India is expecting to see their infrastructure mainly in metro stations and chosen cities in the next five years.


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